Our data team will be a fixture in all projects that we undertake. People and recruitment analytics are becoming ever more relevant in talent acquisition.

We use our data to monitor our own performance criteria and to provide leaders within your organisation with the information and guidance to enhance their decision-making process.

Our data can assist with:

Employee Turnover

Diversity and Inclusion

Recruitment Performance

Succession Planning

As a standard, each project we undertake on your behalf will monitor recruitment metrics such as Time to hire, Time to fill, Cost per hire, Offer acceptance rate and Source of Hire. Tracking these metrics will ensure we have a benchmark for consistent improvement.

Standalone projects

Our data team also carry out stand alone projects utilising our software and extensive candidate network to provide research material to our clients. These projects include:

Salary and Benefits Survey – Results of this analysis help companies to design their remuneration toold, performance appraisal system, salary reviews and negotiations, holiday allowance, bonuses etc.

Employer Branding Review – We can conduct a review of your reputation as an employer. Employer Branding and your Employee Value Proposition are crucial in the attraction of the best external talent and the retention of your top performers. Having a compelling employer brand and EVP will put your company ahead of the curve.

If you are a start-up/scaleup, have a short-term hiring burst, or a need to use data to assess and develop the hard to measure but all-important recruitment metrics then book a call with us today.