recrüteINFLUENCE is our immediate impact service redefining conventional recruitment techniques to solve short term recruitment challenges.

By partnering exclusively with your organisation, we eliminate the everyday challenges and inevitable obstacles faced by the standard contingency recruitment model. As a trusted partner, you will be safe in the knowledge that we will consistently deliver the right candidates to you exclusively in the time frames you require and with retention in mind. Although our focus is to meet the challenge speedily, we also ensure everything is done to ensure you do not face the same challenge soon after.

If your team or organisation is facing any of the following, we can apply one of our ‘Influence’ services at short notice. Call us today to find out more.

High level of competition for candidates or their skill sets in your location or region

Urgent need for positions to be filled

Spike in vacancies overloading internal recruitment function

A requirement for specialist advice

Underperforming preferred supplier list (Volume, Accuracy of candidates not suitable)

Process management not working. (Too many offers turned down etc)

Our impact services include:

CV Bundling


Process Review

Individual Hires

Our ‘Influence’ services are designed to provide immediate assistance and give your organisation the fresh approach your challenges require. The focus is to identify more candidates speedily but we can manage the candidate process following identification or hand the process to your internal team. Fees for these services are flexible and tailored to the requirement.


Expert specialist assigned to your requirement

Dedicated Researcher

Passive and Active candidate identification

Technology powered research and analysis

Candidate qualification and offer management (on request)