recrüteIMMERSED is designed to execute the complete hiring process for your organisation. From the launch of each candidate search to final selection and onboarding.

Every organisation will face different challenges and have different goals when recruiting therefore your hiring solution will be tailored specifically to your requirements at the onset of our partnership.

Concept Overview

Our service will assist with every phase of implementation and execution and in general will cover the following.

Preparation and Planning

Candidate Sourcing

Recruitment Marketing

Candidate Assessment

Candidate Selection


Follow Up


As a partner to your business, you can be assured that we are always focused on uncovering and securing the best talent for your organisation.

Scalable Solutions – We will ensure that upon implementation our solution is both scalable and flexible to align with the current and future needs of your business.

Reduced Cost/Time to Hire – On average, we achieve our clients a 47% reduction in cost per hire against standard contingent methods. Our data suite will also ensure we focus on the less tangible metrics including time to hire by working to strict timelines.

Quality of Hire – We design and follow extensive protocols to ensure the hiring of candidates that meet organisational needs on paper and in practice.

Analytics and Reporting – Our data and intelligence suite will measure, analyse and highlight the insights from every stage of the process to allow for effective decision making and future succession planning.